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The Power Of GAF Roofing; A Lowdown

  • G.A.F. Roofing stands for General Aniline & Film.

  • Aniline is a special compound made of different strong ingredients, including rubber and other chemicals, which strongly shield anything from practically anything.

  • GAF has 130 years of experience in home protection. Mainly, that means they know the ins and outs of mishaps and/or mistakes that can make a roof go wrong.

  • GAF quality roofing will save your Long Island roof from storms & other external roof damage.

  • GAF claims that their roofs are not just shingles. Rather, they are a system, assured to cover your home in all its perimeters.

  • The first thing a GAF roofer does when working on your roof, is take off whatever else was on first, down to the roof boards. The reason being, GAF assures perfection, and the first step to perfection is knowing that the roof is in good condition underneath the shingles.

  • After the previous shingles are uninstalled, a trustworthy, highly educated and experienced GAF contractor should then examine your roof boards, and what is under them, closely, for damage and other possible issues.

  • Once the repairs are made, the GAF protection process begins.

  • GAF warranties require that a roof gets covered in a protective sealant before getting covered in shingles.

  • This protective sealant has a special leak barrier, which seals off any rain entrance.

  • Once the sealant is on and protecting your home, shingles are added to the roof.

  • An exceptionally strong adhesive, produced by GAF, is applied to hold your shingles tightly to the roof, which controls them from blowing away.

  • After the shingles are installed, there is more.

  • GAF installs special vents on every ridge of your roof. What that does is, it reduces moisture in your attics, lowering the risk of damage, including mold and other possible damages in your home, which

  • should be safe.

  • Next, GAF will install ridge cap shingles on top of every vent. They highlight each ridge, adding a touch that can be seen from far away, and they also protect the roof ridges from any possible damage that slips through the initial protections.

  • GAF doesn’t just offer you one or two kinds of shingles.

  • There are many different colors and styles to choose from, so your roof can not only protect and serve your home, but it can add to the perfect dream house you’ve always wanted.

  • GAF offers a “Peace of mind” lifetime warranty, which includes winds up to 130 MPH, enabling you to be confident in the service you are getting, and comfortable in your own home.

Long Island is home to the one of the busiest roofing industries nationwide. This is because Nassau & Suffolk have very high residential populations relative to the rest of the country and weather that is not very roof friendly. Within the roofing industry the shingle market is dominant on the Island due to the fact most home exteriors are sloped. Sloped roofing on Long Island is usually covered which shingles. It follows that shingles are actually the most crucial and dominant player in the entire LI exterior contracting market. So the question for Nassau & Suffolk homeowners becomes- where do I get the best shingles? The answer is simple, the best shingles on earth are made by GAF you can try to find a replacement to GAF but you will fall short. There are no better shingles than GAF shingles and that's a fact. That means that homeowners on Long Island need a roofer that specializes in GAF exteriors and warranties. Luckily, the GAF company made it easy for owners by creating a group called "GAF Master Elite". These hand picked contractors are an exclusive group that is given special benefits and warranties for their clients. Did you know that only 2-3% of all contractors nationwide are "GAF Master Elite" companies.

In conclusion, since shingles dominate the Long Island roofing market and GAF is the superior choice for shingles you must find yourself the best GAF contractor around (Master Elite) so that you can make sure that you receive the best perks and warranties along with your installation. This website is dedicated to providing out readers with valuable information and tips regarding GAF roofing in our area. Stay tuned as we will bring you the most reputable GAF Master Elite contractors in Nassau & Suffolk county. We want to make life easier on you so we will hand screen and hand pick the best of the best within this elite group using systematic multiple step screening methods. We will also explain to you exactly why we chose the companies that we feature.

In addition to our hand picked screening methods our contractors were chosen because they are GAF Master Elite roofers, Angies List Super Service award winners, Best Of Home Advisor winners and A Rated with the Better Business Bureau. These 4 associations are extremely important and reliable in the roofing industry. Direct links to the aforementioned awards are available on the Royal Roofing & Siding Long Island Website.